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World Series Odds As Of October 9

WorldSeries1 [1]

The MLB playoffs are well underway, and with each passing day we’re getting a clearer picture of who might be vying for the top prize come early November. It’s been an exciting round of division series match-ups, with not a single series being decided in a sweep, and until late Monday night all 8 divisional playoff teams were still alive. But with the division series wrapping up, it’s time to turn our attention forward and take a look at which of the remaining teams have the best odds to win the World Series [2].

For some specific sports betting odds, we’ll be referencing betting.betfair.com [3] in the section on sports betting devoted specifically to the MLB, you can find updated fixed odds on each team’s chances to win the World Series. This is a particularly helpful source, because instead of simply placing odds on each individual game or series, the service places a value on each team’s overall chances. So, using these odds, here’s where the 6 remaining teams stack up, as of Wednesday, October 9th.

Those are the odds as they stand now, and for a look at the schedule from here on out, you can visit mlb.com [4] for updated games and series. Stay tuned for updates as the postseason progresses!

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