The Marco Scutaro fallout

The last time we heard about Marco Scutaro, Brian Sabean used the word “confounding” twice to discuss the second baseman’s recovery from a lower back injury (h/t Bay Area Sports Guy). With the very real possibility that Scoots is done for the season and *gasp* his career, let’s examine what the past, present and future hold for the Giants at second base.

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Dear MLB Advanced Media: “Come at me, bro”

EDIT: Since posting this, our podcast was removed from iTunes. Bro came at us.

Major League Baseball is constantly behind the eight-ball with the way it approaches and uses technology. For the entirety of the YouTube era, the NBA has reaped the benefits of streaming video, Twitter, Facebook and other social media. Blake Griffin eviscerating an overmatched European white guy would hit the web, drawing people in to a sport that was long-considered the third banana to MLB and the NFL.

All the while, MLB was sending out cease-and-decist letters, clogging the “series of tubes” with a bunch of bull, preventing real fans from getting content that they craved. Eventually, MLB Advanced Media was born and the league found a way to funnel content to its fans with the appropriate level of advertising attached. While and their nascent relationship with YouTube is awesome, it doesn’t make up for the stodginess with which the league continues to approach new media.

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Episode 115: The Morse Unleashed

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Episode 115: The Morse Unleashed

In the hundred-and-fifteenth episode, Thomas and Danny do some trivia, talk about the series loss to the Diamondbacks and win against the Rockies, strong pitching from the front of the rotation, hot hitting from an unlikely source, and look ahead to the Dodgers series.

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