Episode 114: Mmmm, Barbecast

Episode 114: Mmmm, Barbecast
In the hundred-and-fourteenth episode, Thomas and Danny discuss the hot start, Belt’s dingerz, and hear from one of the guys from Cespedes Family BBQ.

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Andres Torres Is Probably Not Actually Selling His Championship Ring

Giants twitter freaked out Tuesday night when @SFGiantsFans tweeted a link to GoldinAuctions.com, where former Giants outfielder Andres Torres is allegedly selling his ring from the 2010 Giants World Championship. However, according to a source close to the team, this is more likely a ring that was stolen out of Torres’ car following the 2010 season. The source does not know specifically if Torres is the one selling the ring, but says that in 2011, Torres told the Giants that his car had been broken into and his ring had been stolen, and the team had a new ring made for him. The whereabouts of the original ring have since been a mystery, and may have just shown up tonight.

No word on where the Letter of Authenticity came from, but it’s worth noting that it says “This ring has been in my possession since I received it from the Giants till the time I consigned the ring to Goldin Auctions.”  Till doesn’t seem like the kind of language you would use in an official document.

Or maybe it’s a depressing April Fools joke.

Baseball Experts Really Don’t Like the Giants

In the Worldwide Leader’s annual act of making-so-many-predictions-you’re-probably-going-to-get-at-least-one-right, the panel of so-called experts made their picks for MLB division winners and World Series champions for the 2014 season. The Dodgers and the Nationals were the big winners, snagging eleven and twelve votes to win the World Series, respectively. The Giants…not so much.

Thirty-eight of the 44 total experts on the site picked the Dodgers to win the NL West, with three votes going to the Giants, two to the Diamondbacks, and ESPN.com’s Michael Knisley alone sticking his head out for the Padres. The Giants won a surprising 20 votes to win one of the wild card spots. In an unrelated-but-let’s-find-the-silver-lining connection, Pedro Gomez knows Barry Bonds pretty well, and picked the Giants after watching Bonds as a hitting coach this spring.  That’s basically a guarantee.

Just for laughs though, let’s look at how the experts did last yearContinue reading “Baseball Experts Really Don’t Like the Giants”