Episode 83: Disco Stew

Episode 83: Disco Stew is out!

In the eighty-third episode, Thomas and Danny talk with Kevin Kaduk of Yahoo Sports and Big League Stew, about the Giants chances to win the division, possible trades in the NL West, the future of the Cubs, and plays at the plate.

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Episode 73: Et tu, Overbay?

Episode 73: Et tu, Overbay? is out!

In the seventy-third episode, Thomas and Danny climb down off the 0-3 ledge, complain about surprisingly poor pitching, delight in surprisingly good hitting, and figure out who the 70th best reliever in the National League is.

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Episode 51: Beane Counters

The season, the Diamondbacks (Pictured from left to right)

Episode 51: Beane Counters is out!

In the fifty-first episode, Thomas and Danny review the movie Moneyball, talk about the Giants’ slimmest of chances to make the playoffs, talk about their favorite Aaron Sorkin writing, and project the Opening Day 2012 lineup.

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