Episode 88: Buster Smash

Photo by Bill Zarchy

Episode 88: Buster Smash is out!

In the eighty-eighth episode, Thomas and Danny talk with Ashley Chavez of the MLB Fan Cave about life as a cave dweller, Buster Posey’s dominance, Tim Lincecum’s return to form, the Giants bullpen situation, Pablo Sandoval’s return, and Jonathan Papelbon’s continued existence.

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Episode 32: Simply Splashing

Episode 32: Simply Splashing, is out!

In the thirty-second episode, Danny talks with Splashing Pumpkins author Julian Levine about Madison Bumgarner’s return to dominance, Jonathan Sanchez’s future, potential roster moves, and the wisdom of trades.

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Episode 22: Madison Bummer-garner

Bummer, man.

Episode 22: Madison Bummer-garner is out!

In the twenty-second episode, Thomas and Danny recap the recent wins in Colorado and the losses to the Rockies and Braves, Cody Ross’s return, Brandon Belt’s demotion, Dan Runzler’s future in the bullpen, center field mysteries, batting order craziness, and play some Hall of . . . → Read More: Episode 22: Madison Bummer-garner