Episode 23: This Team Snow Good

Oh, childlike innocence.

Episode 23: This Team Snow Good is out!

In the twenty-third episode, Thomas and Danny chat with Britt and Maiya, the writers behind Snow Woulda Had It, about the stone-cold offense, the great pitching, their love of J.T. Snow, and what we could hope to see from the . . . → Read More: Episode 23: This Team Snow Good

Frustrations and Schadenfreude

There's a reason pandas are so easily found in the wild.

Imagine for a moment that you’re a fan of the Washington Nationals.

You’re an 11-12 team, and you’re starting to get pretty disappointed by your team’s long-term, big-money investment in Jayson Werth, who even without his caveman beard is batting a . . . → Read More: Frustrations and Schadenfreude

Dar-Run Ford Poll

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