MadBum Men

Just to add on to the previous post and Madison Bumgarner’s inability to punch out batters, I decided to look back at last year’s comparable stats. Here’s what I wrote in last night’s post:

He’s gotten to 2-strike counts with batters 40 times this season: 8 times he has given up a hit, 7 times he gave up a walk, and just 9 times did he record a strikeout. Two of those hits and four of those walks came in an at-bat after he had a 0-2 count, but couldn’t close the deal.

Looking back at Bumgarner’s 2010 season, he faced a batter with a 2-strike count 215 times. Of those, he got 86 strikeouts (40%), gave up 42 hits (19.5%), and walked just 8 batters (3.7%). In the 96 PAs in which he got an 0-2 count against a batter, he would eventually give up only 17 hits, but punched out 48 (50%), and didn’t walk a single batter (though he did have one HBP).

So anecdotes, ERA and general crappiness aside, we’re definitely seeing a different caliber MadBum from what we saw last year.

FYI, I’m adding this tidbit to last night’s post, so please forgive the double posting.