Episode 62: Hanging With Friends

Episode 62: Hanging With Friends is out!

In the sixty-second episode, Thomas and Danny talk with blogger Wendy Thurm about her blog Hanging Sliders, writing for SBNation and FanGraphs, and preview the NL West.

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Go Giants!

2 thoughts on “Episode 62: Hanging With Friends

  1. Brenda

    I’m way behind on these podcasts, hence the late comment. But I would like to point out that while I agree ZIto’s contract was way above market, it was also backloaded. The first year was 10 million, the second 14 million, and the last year 2013 goes up to 20 million. Which is an example of why a backloaded contract to prince fielder is likely to turn into a painful idea 6 years down the road.

    1. Daniel Zarchy Post author

      Yeah, backloaded contracts certainly have that problem. Prince would be great, but I’m glad the Giants are less impulsive than I am for contracts like that. Jaymee Sire said the same thing, that the Giants are trying their best to avoid contracts like that. Thanks for listening!

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