Scotch and Water, Easy on the H2O

The Giants are 0-3 in one-run games. The Giants are 0-3 on the road. The Giants are 0-3. I think it’s about time to trade Monta Ellis for Ryan Madsen and Paul Janish. If we don’t finish in the bottom seven we lose our draft pick. I want that draft pick. Really like the way Kidd-Gilchrist played in that tournament.

Matt Cain didn’t give up any first inning home runs. Which is good because Tulowitzki just went yard on Zito against the Monday Giants. Matt Cain cruised through five innings with only a 2-run double to Lyle Overbay in the 4th, using all of his pitches to keep the Diamondbacks off balance and- with the exception of Willie Bloomquist- off the basepaths. The Diamondbacks even did Matt Cain and the offense a favor by committing five errors. Didn’t help.

Cain giving up back-to-back jacks apparently caught Bruce Bochy off-guard because no one was warming up in the pen. This early in the season you have to be ready for your starters to run out of gas a little early. An oversight he won’t make again, I’m betting.

Buster Posey has three errors on the season. In three games. What happened to that Chris Stewart guy? He was really putting it together at the plate. His home run was the best moment of the season thus far. GiantsPod funny guy Donny Zarcho compared it to his home run in Game 4 of the 2010 World Series. One of those balls that just kept going. Was a beautiful thing to see and bodes well for any hopes of catching those pesky Snakes.

Panda continues to throw the ball around the infield. As a former infielder, the yips are real. It’s all mental. Somebody needs to get his head right. Looking at you, Wotus. Mostly because I’m not sure what you do.

Brandon Belt continues to struggle at the plate while Crawford’s gaffes on defense make Brandon Watch 2012 a lead story on the Thomas Todd News Network (TTNN). I think Ron Paul is a dark horse to start some games at short.

The plane ride to Colorado will not be pleasant. I hope they pack enough scotch for the players, not just the coaching staff.

But hey, Giants pitchers caught a break. Three losses in a row on the road means they have had to pitch three fewer innings. So there’s something. Man I’m running out of things to be happy about.

Stats of the day:

5- The number of earned runs given up by Timmy and Cain in each of their starts

4- The number of innings I was insanely pleased with today

3- The number of times my mom asked me why I didn’t come home for Easter

2- The number of times I blamed me not coming home on the Giants

1- The number of pitches Javier Lopez threw today, which resulted in a Crawford error

Bonus stat of the day:

3- The number of hours I will be spending at the gym tonight