Barry Zito’s Golden Goose Eggs

Barry Zito was terrible at pitching. He probably still will be bad at pitching. But today was marvelous. The Rockies are still asking when the game starts.

9 IP, 4 H, 0 BB…0 BB

When the Giants starters gave up 14 ER in over 15 IP, it looked like Coors Field was the last place the Giants would want to be. It turned out to be how they got off the schnide…schneid…snide? Whatever, we won one. And it was because of Zito.

Kruk and Kuip said that Zito was staying back on his pitches and letting his arm just throw. I have no idea what any of that means, but boy did it work. The curveball was nasty and set up his fastball. Pop out after fly out after pop out.

9 IP, 4 H, 0 BB

I don’t expect Zito to crack a 4.00 ERA this season, but if he looks anything like he did today 4.50 should be no problem. The Giants brass would be buying shares in adult diapers if Zito could give them slightly-below average production.

Pablo Sandoval continues to make mistakes look like BP pitches. His first inning shot off Jhoulys Chacin was a no-brainer. I could get used to Panda in the trot.

Huff earned his first real rip of a hit today with a double in the first inning. Sure it was off an unsettled Chacin, but we takes what we gets. Belt wasn’t in the lineup today, much to the dismay of the blogosphere. Bochy had previously said that Belt gets the first five starts at first. Considering this is the fourth game, Bochy is a liar. BUT…I completely agree with Bochy’s decision to give Belt a couple of days to fill that hole in his swing. He’ll be starting again Wednesday. Order will be restored.

Why am I still writing? Clearly if Barry Zito can throw his first complete game shutout in a decade, the Mayans can’t be far off. Enjoy what’s left of 2012, the world is ending.

9 IP, 4 H, 0 BB