I was aware of the streak. The fact never escaped me that the Giants hadn’t led in a game since before Lady Bird Johnson was a sexual position. And with a 1-0 deficit early in the game, it appeared I may have to turn the “We’re Going Streaking” section into an exercise in futility.

Not today. 3-10 with runners in scoring position. Posey singles with a runner on third and nobody out. I don’t know who these Gigantes are, pero me gusta. Play like a major league team, get a major league win.

The doom and gloom of the last week should be abated. The Marlins squeaked out the squeakiest sweep ever squeaked. We scored a handful of runs against Zach Grienke and lost. He’s a pitcher, don’t ya know. And the Giants exercised their lupine demons in defeating Randy Wolf, who, last time I checked was 22-0 with a water molecule for an ERA against the Giants. So while the panic button remains in the control room, we can send George Jetson home for the day.

We’re Going Streaking:

19: Angel Pagan, everyone! Just one away from where Panda’s streak ended, and he leads the league. The Giants have been toying with the leadoff spot, dropping Pagan down in the order in favor of Gregor Blanco, who is getting on base at a ridiculous clip. The Giants will look to get Blanco more at-bats, but with Huff coming off the DL on Monday and Brett Pill looking to start in the outfield against lefties, it may be tough to get Blanco to the dish.

Brandon Watch 2012:

With a lefty starter in Randy Wolf, only Belt saw action as a defensive replacement in the 9th. Though reports have been filed that Brandon Crawford was seen kicking baseballs around the dugout.

Stats of the Day:

41: The number of consecutive innings the Giants failed to lead a game. I just wish Eric Karros and Orel Hersheiser had been announcing so I could have done my best Mr. Burns impression, rubbing my hands together and saying “Dine on crow, Dodger Boys.”

5: The number of times Brewers leadoff hitter Aoki hit the ball hard, with zero hits. BABIP’d.

3: The number of hits the Giants had with runners in scoring position. And this time, dudes scored.

2: The number of Giants who have hit triples in consecutive games this season, first Angel Pagan and today Melky Cabrera

1: Games I’ve watched on Fox that didn’t involve Eric Byrnes

0: The number of times I thought I would ever make a Lady Bird Johnson joke