POSTGAME WRAP: Today’s Game Brought To You By E-Surance

The Giants got insurance runs. Now, normally, Giants games go one of three ways:

-The Giants have a small lead, the offense shuts down, and the bullpen locks up the win

-The Giants have a small lead, the offense shuts down, and the bullpen loses the game

-The Giants never lead because the offense never booted.

The hypothetical fourth option in the game of baseball would be:

-Team B (Giants) has a small lead over Team B (Cardinals), the offense keeps driving in runs, assures victory despite possible bullpen run leakage.

Doesn’t happen. Except today. Also notice that I just couldn’t bring myself to make the Giants “Team A”. When rumors of Orlando Hudson being a good fit start swirling around your ball club, you can never be “Team A”.

But back to insurance runs. Aren’t they nice? Especially when they come off the bat of Brandon Belt, who had yet to have his signature game of the season. Signed, sealed, delivered (he’s ours).

But Belt wasn’t the only Brandon worth watching today. When the lineup came out today and Brandon Crawford was penciled into the 2-hole, the Mayans people on Twitter got all snarky and sh*t. I joined the chorus of “bwhahahaha”s and “eff my life”s.

My defense:

It is my right as a blogger to criticize a series of strange or poor decisions like Bochy’s mishandling of the 2-hole in the lineup. But it is also my right as a fan to cheer like hell when that decision works out and Brandon Crawford gets his first RBIs in May from said 2-hole. These rights exist simply because I am unpaid and far from a public figure. Phew.


Keeping it short today. I’m going to enjoy the spoils of this game as much as anyone can enjoy a home split with THE DEFENDING WORLD SERIES CHAMPIONS!!! I’ll leave you with my only recurring segment of this particular afternoon:

Kruk Quote of the Day: I’d like to know how long it takes to get his (Brandon Crawford’s) hair ready before he goes out. I’m goin with like 3 minutes. Out of the shower, head shake, go get ’em. One thing about this generation you don’t see a lot of hair driers. Not the case in our generation.