POSTGAME WRAP: Colon Cleanse

Tim Lincecum gave up four runs to the A’s. That’s like giving up a 3-pointer to Ronny Turiaf. He’s broken folks.

Sure, some of those hits were on good pitches and just found holes, but hitters used to struggle to make contact on Timmy’s pitches. Missing bats is what won him two Cy Young awards and got him to four consecutive All-Star games. Oh, and the hair. The hair helps.

And the worst part about Lincecum’s struggles is that he is still missing bats. Another five strikeouts in four innings today. Three previous outings: 7 IP/7 K, 5 IP/8 K, 5 IP/4 K. Looks like a dead ringer for vintage Lincecum. Except for the whole, you know, not getting into the late innings thing.

Let’s find some silver lining. You know the best part of every Tim Lincecum start? Melky Cabrera. A 4-hit day puts him on pace for 1 quintillion hits this season while batting Cecil Fielder’s weight. When Pablo Sandoval returns from the disabled list, the Giants will have a 2-3-4 that all will hit .300. It’s like they have an offense or something.


I don’t mind losing to the A’s. It’s sort of like losing to your little brother at ping pong. It stings a little, but you can still pop him one if he mouths off.


Brandon Watch: Belt has now come to the plate four times with the bases loaded this season. The result? One walk, three strikeouts. While there is no way in hell I think this is enough of a sample size to judge Belt’s progress as a major leaguer, these are the at-bats that frustrate fans and Bruce Bochy alike. Hits with the bases loaded are also how you get those mythical RBIs. You know, the ones that win you MVPs and Gold Gloves. With reports that Aubrey Huff is “emotionally ready” to start at first base again, Belt will be challenged to not look overmatched in key at-bats.

Crawford: Settling in nicely in the 2-hole. Yes, it’s with a sub-.300 OBP but that’s just one of those “milestones” that nerds use to make athletes feel bad about themselves.

Krukow Quote of the Day:

Kuip: I’ve never done a game from the White Sox ballpark…what’s it called?

Kruk: Comiskey?

Kuip: U.S. Cellular

Kruk: I can’t get over Comiskey, too good of a name for a park

Stats of the Day:

1: Quality starts for Tim Lincecum this year