Bumgarner got smacked around quite a bit today. Oh well, the offense didn’t show up anyway.

After scoring two touchdowns in the first game in spacious Doc Ellis Park, the Giants have fallen short the last two games against the Fish. Two big innings by the Marlins built leads the Giants just could not overcome.

Madison Bumgarner is an all-time great for a pitcher his age. The list of pitchers better than him by 22 is shorter than even the tallest Hairston. Games like today prove that even when he isn’t on his game, Bumgarner can still go six innings and make a great contact hitter like Omar Infante fall down. With Lincecum’s struggles, only the consistency of Matt Cain makes MadBum the number two pitcher on the Giants.

Melky Cabrera came into today’s game with ownage on Mark Buehrle. 17-24 with a Bondsian OPS. 0-3. Oh. Ok. /tears up stat sheet.

Extension Talk Brought To You By Extenze:

Melky: An 0-fer! Buy low! The Giants have been asked about extending the red-hot Cabrera and have backed away slowly, claiming budgetary concerns and locking up the young(er) studs. Good for them. Leverage. We don’t need you anyway.

Pagan: Equally hot, and plays a more crucial position. Especially with can’t-miss-oh-wait-maybe-you-can prospect Gary Brown hitting like Manny Burriss…in AA. Even with a good-to-great year from both guys, they both have holes in their resumes and couldn’t quite demand a premium.

Brandon Watch 2012: No Country For Old Men:

With the left-handed Buehrle forcing Belt and Crawford to the bench, let’s talk vets

Theriot: 2-4 with a triple(!) and 34 plate appearances since his last strikout. Maybe he is the contact guy that Bochy is looking for.

Huff: Since his DL stint: 9 plate appearances. 1 hit, 4 walks, 0 strikeouts. Not exactly winning back his first base spot, but ons the base is ons the base.

Kuip: (looking at South Beach) You might be in that shot somewhere

Kruk: Ya, ya I’m the guy with the thong on. Right by the tent.

Kuip: In the tent

Stats of the Day:

6: Times “snot rockets” were mentioned on the broadcast

1: Triples for Ryan Theriot since the beginning of 2010

0: Days since Emmanuel Burriss’ last extra base hit (muffin basket to the official scorer)