Postgame Wrap: Don’t Ask Me, Ask Barry

The Giants scored three runs in a 2-out rally in the first inning. Brandon Belt had an extra-base hit. Barry Zito drew a walk, and threw a quality start. Not bad for a beautiful day in San Francisco, and Thomas and I scored press passes to watch this game in style. I’ll try to supplement this blog with some real quotes or video or something, but until I get that, it’s important to bring out this poll again.

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I know you’re upset with me that I would even ask, but it’s getting ridiculous. Zito’s ERA isn’t quite as sparkling as it used to be, and Timmy’s kay rate is still pretty sexy, but Zito is having a far better year. A far, far better year. They’ve both suffered from bad defense, like every Giants pitcher, but there’s a sense of confidence that Zito will pitch through mistakes while Timmy can’t. Imagine reading that sentence last year.

On a happier topic, the Giants scouting staff really outdid itself this year. Melky Cabrera is having a career season, Gregor Blanco is basically playing with house money, and even Joaquin Arias is making Pablo Sandoval’s absence slightly less painful, and guys like Shane Loux have been useful. The success of their acquisitions has especially overshadowed the black hole that’s come out of the Giants farm system this year: guys like Conor Gillaspie, Charlie Culberson, Dan Otero and Manny Burriss have been less than impressive. Then again, that’s not exactly the Giants’ fault, considering that every minor leaguer with two working arms was forced to play at least a little last year, so it makes sense that the minors are a little depleted now.

Filling in for Bay Area Sports Guy, Thomas and I snuck into Bruce Bochy’s press conference today, so here are some videos. Sorry for the bad audio quality, but most of that interference is actually part of Bochy’s French accent.

Barry Bonds came to the park today, and when asked about a potential coaching job for Bonds, Bochy said that he hadn’t talked to him, and that it wasn’t his decision to make, but that he certainly respects Bonds as a hitter and an authority on the subject.

For the record, I would love to see Bonds as a coach. Despite Thomas’ comments that he’s basically ready to cut ties, I feel differently.

Asked about Brandon Belt’s hitting today, Bochy complimented him.

Talking about Barry Zito’s great outing and his “mental toughness,” especially in light of his awful start against the Brewers, he had great things to say.

Brandon Watch 2012

Crawford: Ill-conceived sac bunt in the first, and overall an 0-for-4. Still, I can’t stay mad at that face. Crawford batting ~.230 and on-basing at ~.280, with his defense, is still better than I expected.

Belt: I see power. I see speed. I see a bad-ass mother who don’t take no crap off of nobody! A two-hit day with some extra-base power is exactly what we need from Belt. It struck me today, probably weeks after everyone else, that the only reason Belt is getting even the scant playing time he is getting has more to do with Huff and Pill than anything Belt has proven. Before today the Giants have produced .244/.341/.375 from the first-base position, as opposed to the NL average of .259/.337/.424. That is to say, no freaking power. I don’t know if these “adjustments” Belt is making are actually working, or if Future Hitting Coach Barry Bonds sprinkled some fairy dust on him, but more please, Brandon.

Stats of the Day

0: Home runs by Paul Goldschmidt, probably because Tim Lincecum isn’t pitching.

3.41: Barry Zito’s ERA.

6.41: Tim Lincecum’s ERA.

47: Hits by Melky Cabrera in May so far. He needs just 2 more hits to tie Willie Mays’ record from May 1958, and 4 more to tie Randy Winn’s record from September 2005.

Baby: What Andres Torres’ wife had today. Awwwww.

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