Postgame Pregame Wrap: Giants Tie Series, Go For Win Against Padres

Gregor Blanco has hit the last two Giants’ home runs. The last was the difference maker in a 6-5 game against the Padres at Petco Park. Tell yourself that in February, see if your nose doesn’t bleed for more than just time travel reasons.

Madison Bumgarner relies on his control to be a dominant pitcher. When it doesn’t show up, it creates all kinds of problems. The Twins debacle last year comes to mind. But Bumgarner got just enough people out to avoid taxing a banged-up bullpen and to keep the Giants offense in range. I’ll take this as a “bad outing” from a 22-year-old.


In today’s game, Belt comes back in to face the righty Marquis. Theriot stays in the 2-hole where he has been May Melky.


-Angel Pagan will get on base

-The Dark Side of the Forsythe will prevail, Queen Amidala