Postgame Wrap: Giants Sweep Dodgers, Make My Heart Go Broom Broom

I’m not gonna lie to you guys and say I watched all of this game. Danny and I both had to work today and there was no way to get my employer to shut off the 57-inch HD TVs to prevent spoilers. But my DVR skim stops include: The Lincecum-Billingsley collision, the Hector Sanchez dive, Uribe’s at-bat in the 7th, and the 9th inning. Oh and every run-scoring play. I just love those. Let’s do today in note form:

-Brian Wilson needs to stay out of the press box. Last time he visited Kruk and Kuip, Tim Lincecum got sweet chin music from Colin Cowgill. Today, a burly man named Billingsley had an opportunity to unseat Timmy. Thank goodness Todd Coffey doesn’t run the bases.

-Hector Sanchez made one of the best plays by a catcher in the history of the Giants. Early in the season, there was much dismay on this site about Hector Sanchez’s cringe-worthy defense. Too many balls were getting by him. One did today, but overall his work behind the plate has been competent of the late, which is the all the anyone can ask from someone who backs up an elite catcher.

-Despite Sanchez’s competency behind the plate, I still would prefer Buster Posey catch Lincecum. Sanchez is already penciled in as Zito’s personal catcher. Having him start 40% of the time would not be in the Giants’ best interest. He just isn’t good enough on offense or defense to garner that much squat time. Look for Bochy to have Sanchez catch Lincecum from time to time, but not every outing.

-”Lincecum digs in, Uribe waiting. Here’s the pitch…it’s a LOOONG DRIVE TO LEFT FIELD AND IT IS…OUTTA HERE. JUAN URIBE TIES UP THE BALLGAME and those are the first runs scored by the Dodgers in this series” -Kuiper call that thankfully never happened. That two-strike pitch to Uribe just dropped off the table like scrap meat for the dog. It was disgusting. And it was sweeter because it was Uribe. Just a little bit sweeter.

-There are haters out there. Today they are trying to take away Lincecum’s win by saying that it happened against an ice-cold offense that usually has no pop anyway. Screw you, haters. Good pitchers are supposed to shut down bad lineups. I especially don’t care about the quality of the Dodgers’ lineup when the word has been that Lincecum lacked confidence. Let me ask the haters out there what exactly builds confidence. I’m gonna say 7 IP, 0 ER, 4 H, 2 BB, 8 K. I don’t care if it’s against the Toledo Mud Hens.

-Sergio Romo is cheating. He does things that I’ve never seen a Giants player do. Brian Wilson’s stuff is similar, but he walks too many guys and meltdowns far too often. It’s unfortunate that Bochy has to be selective about his innings, but those were four pretty outs today.

Brandon Watch 2012:

Crawford: Came out to “Stronger” by Kelly Clarkson today. Goes 3-4 to raise his average to .233. Somebody buy that man a copy of “From Justin to Kelly”.

Belt: Sat in favor of Posey’s bat staying in the lineup in a day game after a night game. Could be nice to have a day after just one hit in his last three starts. Or he forgot to do Bochy’s laundry.

-A guy I talked to at work today said the following: “How did the Dodgers get Abreu? That’s not fair.”

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  1. Bill Doyle

    ByBill Doyle 50+ year fan . Whatever Boc penciled in today line up he new that posey is hot and Hector continues to shine behind the plate sweeped three shutouts and gained a piece of 1 st place in the west

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