Postgame Wrap: Giants Struggle in Post-Manny Burriss Era

Last night I wrote about the redeeming qualities of last night’s loss; today, there were none. Barry Zito looked bad, the bullpen looked bad, the hitters looked bad. Today was a game that we will deny happened in two weeks.

The closest thing to a silver lining was Marco Scutaro’s first appearance at third base since 2008; he looked fine, made the throw well, and generally managed to play the position with crashing the global economy.
The relevant news items are the roster moves. Emmanuel Burriss was designated for assignment and Pablo Sandoval was sent to the DL to make room for Scutaro’s arrival and Aubrey Huff’s return from the DL.
With Sandoval gone, this offense really struggles, and we honestly can’t expect anything from Huff. The best chance is for Angel Pagan or someone to hit a hot streak, but until then it’s going to be hard to watch.
It’s sad to see Burriss go, but everybody knew it was time. He’s done and contributed so little, he was clearly the one to go. I’m glad they gave him a shot after his hot spring, but this had to happen. I wish him the best of luck wherever he ends up.
Aside from that, please just make baseball fun again, Giants.