Angel Pagan injury: Brusitis in hamstring, says MRI

Giants center fielder Angel Pagan’s MRI showed brusitis on his injured hamstring, reports Andrew Baggarly of CSN Bay Area.

Pagan has been out since his miraculous home run on Saturday, with Gregor Blanco starting in center and Andres Torres getting the regular duties in left.

The fact that he may be available to pinch-hit makes me optimistic that Pagan will start when the A’s series moves to AT&T Park tomorrow.

Pagan hasn’t been spectacular in the first year of his four-year contract. His .314 OBP is below his career average, and Pagan has been successful on just six of his ten steal attempts. Combine that with bad route-running in the outfield and the results have been underwhelming.

Take that last paragraph with a grain of salt. Pagan’s BABIP is .286, which should normalize toward his career total of .316. I believe Pagan will earn every dollar of his contract in the first two seasons of his deal, though it may be a drain on the Giants economy in years three and four as his speed evaporates.

4 thoughts on “Angel Pagan injury: Brusitis in hamstring, says MRI

  1. Bud Kelly

    If they use Chad to fill in for the next 8/9 games over the year he will win more than half his games. They have no one to come up and do as well as Chad Gaudin will do.
    He is one tuff little guy use him…. and bring up a few guys to fill in

    1. Thomas Todd Post author

      The problem comes with the bullpen. Is Ramon Ramirez enough to hide Casilla’s injury? Does anyone realize how good Casilla has been in the 7th and 8th innings since he came over? Gaudin has never been a successful starter, but you might be right that there isn’t a better option.

  2. Bud Kelly

    As for Pagan keep him out till he is 100% ready as ever one in the outfield are hitting….. but we need to give Pence a few days off soon……..

    Our problem is the starters….Can any one get out of the first 3 innings with out giving up 2/3 runs…?? BK

    1. Thomas Todd Post author

      Pence does need a day off, I think he has played more than any other Giant. Peguero isn’t a bad option if the OF gets thin, though he has very little upside.

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