Angel Pagan injury: Giants center fielder may have surgery, seeking second opinion

Giants center fielder Angel Pagan had an MRI on his injured hamstring Friday that revealed a tear in his hamstring, according to Alex Pavlovic of the Merc. He is considering surgery that would keep him out six weeks, but is seeking a second opinion before going under the knife.

The tear occurred while Pagan was sprinting down the first base line in a rehab start in San Jose, with the speedster pulling up with a limp before crumpling into a heap. He was carted off the field and returned to the Bay to get the MRI.

Pagan has been out since his improbable inside-the-park walk-off home run against the Rockies on May 25th, his third home run of the season. Before the injuy Pagan was the Giants’ everyday leadoff hitter, batting .262/.314/.374.

With Andres Torres, Gregor Blanco and Juan Perez cobbling together a pretty good Pagan impression, I think Pagan should just have the surgery and be ready for a stretch run that will certainly have the Giants chasing their third NL West title in three years. Three teams are within 3.5 games of division-leading Arizona, with San Diego the only team trending in the right direction. Hang on to your hats, fans of NL West teams.

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