G-Minus Presents: Bronson Arroyo

For a little off-day madness, I decided to play our old game, G-Minus. In case you missed our introduction, G-Minus basically takes a pitcher’s career statistics and strips them of their games against the Giants, and compares the results. Let’s see how this works for Reds starting pitcher Bronson Arroyo.

Arroyo Career Stats: 133-122, 4.17 ERA in 343 starts.

Arroyo Stats Against Giants: 5-5, 2.69 ERA in 13 starts. Hoo boy.

Then we remove the 87 IP and 26 ER that Arroyo has against the Giants… carry the 2…

Arroyo’s G-Minus Stats: 128-117, 4.23 ERA

That’s right, Bronson Arroyo’s starts against the Giants have lowered his ERA a full 0.06 over a pretty long career. Ouch.