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Episode 47: Time Keeps on Slippin’

Ladies and Gentlemen: Brett Pill

Episode 47: Time Keeps on Slippin’ is out!

In the forty-seventh episode, Thomas and Danny talk about the cutting of Aaron Rowand and Miguel Tejada (in that order), Madison Bumgarner’s dominance, Brett Pill’s promotion, Mark DeRosa’s return to relevance, and the hate toward Carlos Beltran.

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Go Giants!

Faith in Bruce Bochy, Sanchez’s “Me” Time, and Stewart Getting Freaky

The Giants’ four-game winning streak has been weird, as only TortureBall can be. Capping it off was yesterday’s game, in which the only RBI goes to home plate umpire Bob Davidson for calling a bases-loaded balk. But beyond that, here are some observations from the past week:

First of all, I’d like to point to June 22, when Aaron Rowand started in center field in favor of Andres Torres, even though Twins pitcher Nick Blackburn is right-handed. Many on the Twitterverse and blogosphere (I’m not naming names) started yelling at Bochy, using this as further evidence that he doesn’t understand baseball, etc.

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Off-Day Giants Blues


I think the Rally Rags failed.

I got about halfway through a blog post last week, in which I detailed the Giants’ four consecutive series wins, surprising offense, excellent pitching, lights-out bullpen, and optimistic prospects on the young season.

Well, suffice it to say that a bit has changed between then and now.

Getting swept by the Braves hurt. Not as much as it would hurt to get beaten so soundly by the Padres or the Dodgers, but seeing each and every part of what made your team good break down in systematic fashion can have something of a deflating effect. The pitching staff, which was supposed to prevent losing streaks, collapsed. The bullpen, which was supposed to preserve the leads that seem so few and far between, imploded. The offense, which so far this season has looked like a TV set on loud with some kid playing with the mute button, basically forgot what game they were playing. On the rare instance that they got a lead, well, see above for what happened.

That sucked, and now it’s over, and there’s a lot of baseball left.

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