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What is Sergio Romo?

In 2011, Giants fans saw Sergio Romo put up one of the most impressive relief efforts in recent memory. In 2011, the 28th round draft pick pitched in 65 games, allowing just eight earned runs and 34 baserunners in 48 innings. He finished the year with 1.50 ERA and 0.708 WHIP, and even pitched a reliever’s perfect game: between July 6 and August 6, Romo pitched ten perfect innings in a row. Along with his excellent strikeout rate, he almost never surrendered a walk, and his K/BB  was literally off the charts.

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The Giants Don’t Need Brian Wilson

People who throw things for a living (quarterbacks, pitchers, Russell Crowe) don’t check under their beds for the boogeyman- they look for Dr. James Andrews, whose very mention conjures images of torn ligaments and career-ending injuries. Giants closer Brian Wilson has crossed paths with The Good Doctor twice- once for Tommy John surgery at LSU and once last August for elbow inflammation. Though the prognosis wasn’t serious and no surgery was required, The Bearded One faced just five batters in the remaining six weeks of the season. The Chronicle reported last month that Wilson’s rehab will have him ready for most of spring training, but questions remain about how effective and healthy the three-time All-Star will be. The answer to these questions, in my mind, is one of dismissal: the Giants don’t need Brian Wilson.

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