Episode 32: Simply Splashing

Episode 32: Simply Splashing, is out!

In the thirty-second episode, Danny talks with Splashing Pumpkins author Julian Levine about Madison Bumgarner’s return to dominance, Jonathan Sanchez’s future, potential roster moves, and the wisdom of trades.

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Go Giants!

One thought on “Episode 32: Simply Splashing

  1. DrBGiantsfan

    Not sure why starting Mota for just one game is such a bad thing. I would rather forfeit the game than start Bumgarner on 3 days rest to say nothing of the 2 day rest problem. Runzler is no more of a lock to make it out of the first inning than Mota, and that requires a bunch of pretzel twisting roster moves.

    I say, bit the bullet, start Mota and hope for the best. If it works out and the Giants win, it’s a gift. If not, it’s not like you’ve damaged the future of the team which you definitely might if Bumgarner goes on 3 days rest.

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