GiantsPod’s Picks for the 2011 All-Star Game

American League:

1B – Konerko, Paul
2B – Cano, Robinson
SS – Cabrera, Asdrubal
3B – Rodriguez, Alex
C – Avila, Alex
DH – Ortiz, David
OF – Bautista, Jose
OF – Ellsbury, Jacoby
OF – Hamilton, Josh
Write-in – N/A
National League:

1B – Fielder, Prince
2B – Weeks, Rickie
SS – Reyes, Jose
3B – Ramirez, Aramis
C – McCann, Brian
OF – Berkman, Lance
OF – Braun, Ryan
OF – Kemp, Matt
Write-in – N/A

2 thoughts on “GiantsPod’s Picks for the 2011 All-Star Game

  1. James

    I can see the argument for Paul Konerko and he definitely deserves to be an all-star but I can’t justify leaving Adrian Gonzalez off the starting team considering how crazy good he is this year. Their stats are relatively comparable but by the all-encompassing wRC+ A-Gon beats Konerko 176 to 159

  2. Thomas

    I don’t disagree with you James. He’s the more valuable player. But AGon gets to play in that redonkulous line-up where Ellsbury, Crawford, and Pedroia are always on base and Youk and Big Papi are there to protect. My wRC+ on the Red Sox would be 120, and my closest cup of coffee in the bigs was bat boy duties for the Modesto A’s. The White Sox got Adam Dunn to provide middle of the order pop to complement Konerko and he has been shit. Utter shit. My fantasy team thanks you, Adam Dunn.

    So, in summation, I had fun with one pick. Plus I looked at the leaders and the Yanks and Sox had way more votes than they should. Ex Padres and current Sox can burn in hell. Then they’ll know Torture with a capital T. /bow

    ps this is the most i’ve ever written on this site. suck it Danny.

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