Mat Latos Has Douche-y Arm Tats

I Hate ML. This is how I would sign baseballs if anyone cared about blogging like they do actual baseball. Mat Latos came into his start against the Giants with an ERA between 7 and 70, and left with a win. He would do that. And while this game was painful, it’s awful nice to know we won’t have to see his ugly mug much the rest of this season.

If the Giants were going to lose this game, I’m glad Panda escaped with his hit streak in tact. 17. You guys, he’s better than Willie Mays. Willie Mays. The guy has his own Plaza.

Aubrey Huff played second base, then mysteriously disappeared. Coincidence? Not to make light of any personal issues that Huff is dealing with, but it certainly makes the lineup card easier to write. Belt can get more at-bats, Nate’s hot bat can stay hot, and Gregor Blanco can try to get it together. Also with Hector Sanchez’s continues success at the plate, Buster Posey can play a little more first base.

I was reading some clamor on The Twitter about some clamor on KNBR about Hector Sanchez starting more. Clamor clamor clamor. I agree with The Twit Crowd, Sanchez should be used sparingly. His defense just isn’t up to snuff. Catcher defense, in this statistician’s mind, is *number of lumps in throat/*balls in dirt*.

Brandon Watch 2012:

Belt: Who?

Crawford: .200/.226/.350 with a .224 BABIP. One would think that the average would normalize, but in over 200 at-bats in 2011 Crawford only BABIPED .228. Still small sample size, but don’t assume the average will climb.

Stats of the Day:

7: The number of innings of this game I could stomach