Eric Hacker > Joe Martinez > Todd Wellemeyer

Andrew Cashner throws hard. Buster Posey doesn’t care.

If the Giants weren’t going to win this game (they didn’t), it’s nice that Posey went yard and Panda extended his hit streak to 20. Dropping a game to the Padres feels like ass. Stinky stinky ass.

Eric Hacker earned his paycheck. Going into a spot start, not overworking the bullpen is the break even point. Hacker ate some innings and kept the Giants in the game.

Hacker’s night was made easier by a curious decision by Bud Black. With two outs and the bases full of Padres in the top of the 6th, he decided to let Luebke hit. This would have been standard operating procedure if Luebke was going to pitch a couple more innings. But curiously, Luebke was pulled after the sixth, just three outs after he struck out with three men on in a close game. Huh.

We’re Going Streaking:

Panda: 20 games. Pay attention ESPN!!!

Pagan: 12 games. Also went yard today. Dude’s hot.

Brandon Watch 2012

Belt: Corey Luebke throws with his left hand. Belt just got off a train in Siberia

Crawford: Craw Daddy sat for the second consecutive day after starting every game this season. I’m gonna do some in-depth award-winning analysis. That Luebke guy throws with his left hand. Also Arias has been getting on base. Easy decision for Bochy. Pay me.

Stats of the Day:

4: The number of home runs this season by Angel Pagan and Buster Posey. They lead the team.

4: Runners left on base by Joaquin “Cinderella” Arias. Midnight has struck.

2: 100 MPH guys the Giants have seen this week. Chapman and Cashner. Giants are countering by re-signing Armando Benitez

0: The number of times during today’s game where I thought “Man, we really need Aubrey Huff right now.” I empathize with Huff’s situation, having battled a few bouts of depression in my life. But it really shines a light on the fact that the Giants are constructed to not need Huff. Belt/Pill/Posey could easily lock down first base for the rest of the year. But alas, baseball isn’t everything. Get well, Huff.