On some day late in Spring or early in the regular season (sooooo lazy), Julian (@GiantsNirvana) tweeted something that looked like this:

“On a scale of 1-10, the amount I’m worried about Angel Pagan: 0”

Julian’s faith restored my own, reminding me that Angel Pagan has started slowly before and would be just fine as the Giants’ starting center fielder. Fine, indeed.

Pagan’s 3-run shot in the 9th gave the Giants a lead even the struggling bullpen couldn’t relinquish, with Casilla striking out the side in the bottom half to get a clean save. The Giants as a team hit well enough to hang around, but Pagan earned Julian’s faith when it counted. On a day when big thumpers like Brandon Crawford and Manny Burriss got some rest, Pagan stepped in to fill the void.

Pagan, or any established player for that matter, can’t be counted out after a rough spring and early season. Pagan hit .159 through the end of April in 2011 and finished at .262. Not a spectacular season, but managed to overcome the vomitous start. On his current 11-game hitting streak, Pagan is hitting over .300 with a trio of big flies. The Andres Torres/Ramon Ramirez end is starting to look like the bunk end of the trade.

We’re Going Streaking!

Posey: Streak ends at 8. This guy stinks.

Pagan: Turned it up to 11. See above.

Panda: Franchise-record 19 straight games. One more for some national attention.

A quick note on Pablo Sandoval’s approach. Homer Bailey gets Pablo in a 1-2 hole. Here is where the scouting report takes over and the high heat comes down the pipe. A swing-through strikeou….opposite field single, extending the hitting streak. Ok, well that rules. When Panda first came up in September of 2009, pitchers were throwing him down in the zone and he was raking. Eventually the league caught on and started working the ball up late in counts. Part of Sandoval’s lack of success in 2011 was due to his inability to stay away from level changes late in counts. Great hitters adjust to adjustments. Pablo Sandoval is a great hitter. I reserve the right to retract this the next time he strikes out with men on base.

Brandon Watch 2012:

Belt: First start since Reagan. Two singles, one to knock in a run. But where is the power? Trololololl.

Crawford: First day off of the season. I don’t know what it says about your organization when Brandon Crawford is penciled in for 158 starts, but it says something. Is that Mendoza guy available?

Stats of the Day:

5: The number of knee-stiffening curveballs thrown by Sean Marshall before Pagan took one deep

4: The number of times Joaquin Arias reached base, in 4 plate appearances. I’m totally confident this will keep up.

3: The number of times Giants pitchers struck out Joey Votto. MVPansy

2: The number of series the Giants have lost this season

1: The number of times they have been swept. I will not forget this.

0: The amount I am worried about Angel Pagan