POSTGAME RECAP: Matt Cain Should Pitch To The Score

The reason the Giants aren’t in first place can be summed up perfectly by two things: Matt Kemp, and that 8th inning. Leadoff double. Bases loaded with one out. Christ Posey at the plate. In play, out(s). Inning over. Friggle fraggle frig.

The Marlins manager looks like a genius. Intentionally walking Panda to face Posey, the bringing in a sinkerballer with force outs all around the diamond. Starting to think this Castro guy is onto something. His name is Guillen? He’s not even Cuban? Then what was all the fuss about?

I would say that Matt Cain got Cain’d, but you aren’t supposed to use the word you are defining in the definition. Matt Cain got f*cked. Hard.

Giants with RISP on the season: .008/.012/.016. Or maybe that was just today. Nope, that is in fact from the last five seasons. All the candy and unicorns in the world can’t convince me that even if the umpire makes the right call and gives Theriot a 2-out double in the 9th, that Sanchez knocks him in. Wasn’t gonna happen. The game was lost in the 8th.

Matt Cain loses a game 2-1. Color me surprised.

Stats of the Day:

5: Grounders to first for unassisted putouts induced to left-handed hitters by Nolasco (3 in a row by Belt)

3: The number of bases stolen by Marlins today

2: The number of balls hit by Cain that went further than Stanton’s home run

1: The number of 0-fers Pablo Sandoval has taken this year. Astounding.

0: The number of defensive innings Pablo Sandoval has missed this season (Burriss pinch-ran for him the first game of the season). Astounding.