POSTGAME RECAP: Giants Play One Good Inning, Lose

The Marlins can’t hit. The Giants can’t hit. Fortunately, getting a hit isn’t the only way to reach base. Someone alert Sir Bam Bam. Eleven Marlins reached base without getting a hit. Ten walks, one reached on an error. See, it’s easy!

Zito didn’t have a good game. This is a disgusting understatement. But since it is his first hiccup of the year, I’ll leave the jokes to the Lunatic Fringe. Which I think I’m on. Oh well, I need a night off.

I was keeping track of the Giants’ inability to hit with runners in scoring position until the Giants decided not to even bother with runners anymore. Phew, no more math. Then Heath Bell ruined all of the fun. With his big head and his big…legs. And his stupid pitches that the Giants could actually hit. If only Ozzie Guillen was a traditional manager who refused to pull his closer despite said closer not having his stuff. If only. That’s two days in a row Guillen has made a great decision late in the game. I think he’s juicing.

The Hector Sanchez experiment is over. He starts when Zito pitches and in day games after a night game. Watching Brandon Belt flail is much better than watching Hector Sanchez flail. I don’t know why, but it just is.

Joaquin Arias has been quite a find. Another two hits and a dazzling play at short. Rot, Manny Burriss, rot with your singles and your other singles. Arias will play almost everyday because of his position flexibility. He plays second, short, and can back up at third.

Oh and Pablo Sandoval has a lot of pain in his hand. Probably one of those hambone things. See? Told you Arias was going to play more.

Stat of the Day:

Walks. So many walks.