POSTGAME RECAP: Giants Defeat Kershaw, Bizarro Dusty Baker

I love to watch pitcher’s duels. I love it even more when each pitcher goes about his business as differently as Ryan Vogelsong and Clayton Kershaw do.

The Dodgers were only able to make loud contact off Vogelsong a couple of times, while Kershaw missed bats to the tune of seven strikeouts. Vogelsong allowed eleven baserunners, but pitched situationally, inducing ground balls that led to double plays and lazy popups that ended rallies before they got started. Kershaw’s lone mistake was a pitch up in the zone that Brett Pill muscled out, proving the rumors that he is the strongest man on the team. Remember, Aubrey Huff is the most athletic.

I’ve never expected anything from Brett Pill. I’m biased against older non-prospects. Then he hits a Clayton Kershaw mistake out of the yard and I say “Ya, he should do that. He’s Brett Pill.” It is easy when reading guys like Kevin Goldstein and Keith Law to get stoked on players like Brandon Belt and Gary Brown because they get something like “five stars” or “gold medal” or “merit badge” or whatever those guys give out.

But what are the chances Brett Pill can actually handle major league pitching? What if his solid approach from the right side is just what the Giants need from a guy who doesn’t appear to require regular playing time to be productive. The first base cluster eff continues.

This is what the Dodgers offense is supposed to look like. Matt Kemp creates a little offense, the Dodgers score a run. The rest of the lineup hits lazy pop ups. The Ellis twins do not Bash Brothers make.

Juan Uribe bunted. Bwahahahahaha. Into a double play. Hehehehehehehehe. Tommy Lasorda enjoys frozen lemonade. Hohohohohoho.

The Dodgers bunt in front of Matt Kemp. Lopez gets Ethier to ground into their fourth double play of the ninth. Donnie Baseball, everyone!

The Dodgers should probably stop bunting. I hope they don’t.


Stats of the Day:

4: Double plays induced by the Giants

2: Double plays hit into by the Giants

1: Times I’m going to mention that Angel Pagan got hurt. See? Just the once.

0: Number of at-bats that I’ve seen that have made me wish the Giants had re-signed Juan Uribe

0: Number of errors by the Giants.