Postgame Wrap: Beer > Giants

Tonight’s wrap is going to be pretty quick. Pretty half-assed, honestly, thanks to the fact that I spent most of the night shmoozing with BayAreaSportsGuy and company, and drinking a beer for every run that Timmy gave up.
So yeah, this game sucked, but in a very status quo kind of way. The Giants, true to fashion, managed one rally that produced two runs and made their fans not totally give up on them. Lincecum struck out 8 in 5 innings, which is just enough to keep up hope that he’s not broken and make you ignore the 10 baserunners and 4 runs he gave up. Melky Cabrera tripled, because that’s what he does on days that end in Y, and Timmy even legged out an infield hit. Yaaaawn.
Of course, it wasn’t enough. It wasn’t close to enough. The Dodgers managed to score in three separate innings, which is more than the Giants have since Sunday’s extra-inning win.
So yeah , today’s game managed to keep basically every question still open. Lincecum still strikes people out while giving up runs, a la Zack Greinke, but worse. The Giants continue to hit! sometimes, but only once or twice a game. The bullpen continues to be moohd, which is a combination of “meh” and “good.” Good enough to keep your job, but not good enough to be, well, good.
The Giants are going to continue playing, and may win or lose. Vamos Gigantes, supongo.

Stats of the Game:
13: Number of times the Giants reached base tonight
2: Number of runs the Giants scored
5: Number of innings pitched by Tim Lincecum tonight
0: Number of people who made up their minds about Tim Lincecum tonight

Bonus Stat of the Day
3: People from Twitter I met for the first time tonight