Postgame Wrap: Zito + Defense = <3

The best defense is a bad offense. The Cubs have a bad offense. The second best defense is good defense. The Giants had that today. Meanwhile, Alfonso Soriano played defense like his socks were on fire.

There are routine plays. There are tough plays. The Giants made all of them. Brandon Crawford and Gregor Blanco put on clinics at their respective positions, which no Giant has done since Melky Cabrera quashed Bacon’s Rebellion with his right arm. Joaquin Arias is locking down a position that is not natural to him. If the Giants are going to continue to struggle at the plate against mediocre left-handed pitchers, good right handed pitchers, and guys who have never pitched in the majors, defense is essential to the Giants’ playoff hopes.

And with Tim Lincecum’s continued struggles, Barry Zito becomes just as important to the Giants’ playoff hopes as the defense. Barry Zito is important to the Giants’ playoff hopes. This is not something Giants fans would not have been comfortable saying before the season. Pretty comfortable after a day like today. Three-game winning streaks can make Milwaukee seem so far away.

The Dodgers are coming back to Earth. The rest of the teams in the division all have fatal flaws. Breaks are going the Giants’ way. I love the Cubs.


In Spring Training, the Giants ran. And then ran. And then ran some more. So when the regular season started and the Giants weren’t utilizing their speed, Giants fans were confused by the early message. Angel Pagan was never on base. Pill, Shierholtz, and Huff were blocking Gregor Blanco in the outfield, Manny Burriss was getting one more chance. With all of the molasses-footed and OBP-strapped guys out of the way, the Giants can use their speed to force bad defense and create much-needed runs.

Brandon Watch:

Belt: Sitting in favor of Posey and the fact that Travis Wood is left-handed. Or a pitcher. One or the other.

Crawford: Defense, defense, defense. What a backhand stab today.

Stats of the Day:

-27: Consecutive home games Angel Pagan has a hit. Friendly confines

-8: Hits by both teams

-3: Atrocious defensive plays by Alfonso Soriano

-2: Consecutive pitches Hector Sanchez hit a foul ball off of his shin

-0: The number of future at-bats Sanchez will forget to wear a shin guard

2 thoughts on “Postgame Wrap: Zito + Defense = <3

  1. Bud Kelly

    When the Panda comes back, stick him on first for a Month and lets see? What say you?????

  2. Danny

    I think Arias has been pretty good defensively, but I think he’d have to sit in favor of Pablo. I have a bit more faith in Arias/Crawford than Arias at the moment.

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