Postgame Wrap: Giants Play Ok, Win

The offense isn’t fixed. Pablo Sandoval isn’t back, and won’t be until at least Friday. And let’s not even talk about any of the police dealings our rotund star has had. But the pitching is picking up the hitters at a phenomenal rate.

Last eight starts made by Giants pitchers:

7 IP, 2 ER (Vogelsong)

8 1/3 IP, 0 ER (Zito)

8 IP, 1 ER (Cain)

8 IP, 2 ER (Bumgarner)

7 IP, 1 ER (Lincecum)

7 IP, 1 ER (Vogelsong)

7 IP, 2 ER (Zito)

6 2/3 IP, 1 ER (Cain)

Just an incredible run. Pepper in some improved defense and a better batting eye, and this Giants team is looking like the CLEAR favorite to win the NL West. Feel free to copy/paste this and yell at me later. I’ve got a fever, and the only prescription, is more walks.

Let’s talk about the walks. Obviously, extra-base hits lead to runs. Singles lead to runs too, but at a lower rate. Walks also lead to runs, but at a slightly lower rate. But they still lead to runs. Buster Posey walked four times today, scoring twice. What we are seeing with the Giants is persistent baserunners. Walks, Gregor Blanco drag bunts, Pagan beating out infield singles. Yes, the Giants leave far too many runners on base. Yes, every Giant bats like Ryan Vogelsong with runners in scoring position. But the Giants pound the basepaths and eventually eke out enough runs to beat that Triple-A team from Chicago. Next up, I hear there is a Double-A team in San Diego with some good young arms.

Pitching, defense, walks. This will work. For now.

Brandon Watch:

Crawford: 2 RBI. Ok so the second one was because Starlin Castro has the same rocks in his head that Alfonso Soriano has been carrying in his pockets, but it was the run that tied up the game. Crawford has really ramped up the defense, playing like he promised me he would. Days like today make Crawford look like an All-Star, when most days his slick glove alone makes him a borderline major league starter. Faint praise, I know. But wins.

Belt: No one has cemented a job at first base except Buster Posey on days Zito pitches. Brandon Belt sure hasn’t earned it at the plate. Neither has Pill. Or Huff. Or Hector Sanchez lolz. But with all things being equal, shouldn’t Belt be starting for his defense? He plays it so well over there. Good on the backhand, solid on his dives into the hole. Picks it clean in the dirt. I’m adjusting my expectations for Belt every day, and praising his defense is all I can muster today. I can’t wait to sign him as a defensive replacement when comes back from a stint in Japan in 2019.

Stats of the Day:

-5: Singles in the second inning by the Cubs

-4: Walks by Buster Posey today, the first time a Giants has done that since, you know, Juan Uribe

-2: Where Melky Cabrera should hit in the lineup when Pablo returns

-7 or 8: Where Theriot should hit when Pablo returns

Who Cares About All of These Stupid Stats Stat of the Day:

-4 wins in a row, 2.5 games back in the division