Postgame Wrap: Mike Trout is Fast, and Other Truths

Mike Trout is very fast.

Tonight’s recap is not about Matt Cain. The Horse did what he did, simultaneously falling victim to the post-NoNo curse and sticking with it in the Matt Cain Way.

No, tonight’s wrap should touch on a few other subjects.

First of all, Ryan Theriot. After back-to-back 3-hit days (with an off-day in between), he’s really played an instrumental part in the Giants’ surprisingly not-terrible offense. Considering everything that went wrong in May, particularly the struggles to find a 2-hole hitter and efforts to fill Sandoval’s tremendously large shoes, Melky’s ridiculous May carried the team. Now that Melky has come down to Earth, the Giants could have bottomed out if not for Theriot.

Second of all, Melky Cabrera! While Melky may not be putting up Ruthian numbers in June, he’s still on pace for 233 hits and hitting well above .300 with some power. If this is the real Melky, it’s still fantastic.

Brandon Watch 2012

Crawford: Good defense today, with a clutch hit in the second. This is exactly the Brandon Crawford I a) would love to see and b) could reasonably expect.

Belt: Won the first-base sweepstakes for today, with two hits and two walks in four PAs. Don’t look now, but his slash line is up to .261/.379/.428, which is pretty darn respectable. Julian at GiantsNirvana had this article earlier today about Belt’s above-average production this year, particularly compared to the other mediocre NL first basemen. A little more extra-base power would be nice, but if you honestly believe (like me) that the power will come as he gets more ABs, it’s nice to see his plate discipline doesn’t slump. Can’t complain about a 7-game hitting streak.

Stats of the Day:

8: Consecutive wins by Matt Cain. It wouldn’t matter except that Matt Cain.

3: Steals by Mike Trout today.

1: Steals by Ryan Theriot today. Theriot has 7 steals this year. When did that happen?

5: Shaky innings by Matt Cain

4: Perfect innings by the Giants bullpen

Bonus Stat of the Day:

1: Steals by Mike Trout if Ryan Theriot had been able to hold onto the damn ball.

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