Postgame Wrap: Giants Win Despite Madison Bumgarner, Bullpen, Fate

Wraps are fun to write for games like today.

Remember in the second inning, when Brandon Crawford grounded into a double play to end a rally? It’s okay, the Giants won.

Remember when Madison Bumgarner gave up a first-inning homer to Josh Reddick and grooved one to Jonny Gomes in the third inning? It’s okay, the Giants won.

Remember when Brandon Belt hit .224/.340/.328 between April 6 and June 10, and the Bruce Bochy started talking about Hector Sanchez taking grounders at first? It’s okay, the Giants won

Remember when Sergio Romo struck out Yoenis Cespedes on a slider way below the zone? Yeah I do, it was awesome. Thanks for reminding me about that.

Today was awesome, because just when I thought that Bumgarner was going to lose this one, the Giants got their crap together and hit against Tyson Ross as though he were Tyson Ross, and not the second coming of Dennis Eckersley.

Remember when Shane Loux, Santiago Casilla and Javier Lopez allowed 7 baserunners and 4 runs in the 9th inning, and barely survived because the BALL BOUNCED OVER THE WALL? It’s okay, the Giants won.


Brandon Belt is awesome. Just really awesome. The plate discipline was all fine and dandy when it was by itself, but it’s so nice to see some power from the BG. It’s hard to know exactly what flipped the switch in Belt’s head, but one lazy narrative is to look at his home runs. Belt’s four home runs this year, all during this 11-game hitting streak, have come against lefties. In fact, while Belt has had excellent on-base skills against righties, in his short career his power numbers have been way, way higher against lefties than righties. Last year he had a .376 SLG against righties, and a .522 SLG against lefties. In the last two years combined, Belt’s slugging numbers are .368 and .580, respectively.

So maybe this outburst of power has to do with an adjustment, or a mental hurdle. Or maybe he just crushes lefties, and it took an Aubrey Huff faceplant and a Brett Pill collapse to get the chance to prove it.


Brandon Watch 2012

Brandon Crawford didn’t do much today, and I spent enough time talking about Belt above. Considering that tonight broke a record for Brandons in a Major League baseball game, let’s look at some of the other Brandons.

Moss: 3 errors. In one inning. That’s a clown inning, bro.

Inge: Great pickup by Billy Beane. It’s always a little satisfying to see a player get cut by a team, and then see them succeed for someone else. But if you ever try that crap again, Inge…

Hicks: Meh. A real gamer would’ve kept his double in the park.

McCarthy: Awesome pitcher, awesome tweeter.

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Stats of the Day

5: Total Brandons in the game today

6: With optimal lineups, the maximum number of Brandons possible between these two teams

11: Total hits given up by Madison Bumgarner today.

7: Pitchers used by the Giants today.

7: The inning I started writing my wrap.

9: The inning I changed my whole wrap.

Bonus Quote of the Day

“That was fun.” – Eric Byrnes