Postgame Wrap: A’s Hang Around, ‘Splode

One ball can change the dynamic of a game. Unfortunately, so can one call. Which is something A’s fans can mention when they remember losing this game. Chalk clearly kicked up on Seth Smith’s 6th-inning line drive down the first base line. Todd Tichenor called it foul. While my eyes disagree, my heart gives a sly thumbs up and my mouth says “thank you”. No no Todd, that envelope is for you. Good work. Aaaaaaaaand that was my lead before Santiago Casilla gave up aNUTHer home run in the 9th inning.

This series was ridiculous. A comeback, a near comeback, and a walk-off. Both bullpens melted down, balls were kicked around, and everyone agreed that this stadium sucks. Before getting to Sunday’s action, a brief conversation overheard on the field at Friday’s pre-game warmups:

McCarthy: Brandon

Belt: Brandon

Inge: Brandon

Crawford: Brandon

Moss: Brandon

Belt/Crawford: Brandon

Hicks: Brandon. Hey League, what are you doing here?

Brandon League: Just here to finish the bit

Netflix “Spies Like Us”. I’ll wait.

K, let’s start the post over:

Sometimes the little brother gets you. I have played at least 200 games of ping ping with my younger brother. I have won 199. Most of the matches were blowouts, but some were well-contested. A handful were barn-burners where I prevailed. But nothing bothers me like the one time the little shit got me. Beat me at my own game. That’s why this game doesn’t hurt. It burns. You just want to quash the younger sibling, let them know their payroll is laughable and they have a hole on their backhand stroke.

In his 107 previous innings pitched as a Giant, Santiago Casilla had given up three home runs. In just 29 innings this season, he has given up five.


When Brian Wilson went down for a short time in 2011 and again for all of this season, Santiago Casilla was chosen to be the closer. It was mostly a process of elimination, but Casilla had been fantastic before assuming the role. And though he has blown just two saves this season, the home runs are alarming. Runs are runs are runs, but balls flying out of the yard in the 9th inning are a quick trigger to me staring blankly at the screen. Today it was at a guy I’d never heard of with facial hair Buster Posey can only dream of trotting around the bases, the light flickering from my eyes. BUT. Casilla is still the closer. The Affeldt Option is no option and the tiptoeing around Romo does not allow Bochy the luxury of having his best pitcher close. I think this recent spurt is but a hiccup in another really good year from Casilla.

Brandon Watch:

Crawford: Ho hum, I notice him very little these days. Which I think…is…good?

Belt: 0-3 with 2 K, ending his 11-game hitting streak. Was fun while it lasted right? Jk yo, very pleased with Belt’s performance of late. Clenching my fists and just hoping it lasts, it feels so good to be right and then question yourself and then be wrong about what you were right about in the first place.

Stats of the Day:

3: Complete games Matt Cain has pitched against the A’s in his career

3: Number of wins Matt Cain has against the A’s (well, now he knows)

131,335,298: Giants payroll

52,873,000: A’s payroll

0: Times my little brother will beat at ping pong ever again