Free Ticket Giveaway – Let Us Give You Stuff!

The lovely folks at A&E have given us TWO, count them TWO, tickets to Tuesday’s primiere of the Official 2012 World Series Film, playing in San Francisco’s Castro Theater.

They will be showing the new World Series film, for sale here on DVD or here on Bluray. No spoilers, but I have a feeling that it’ll turn out well. I mean, Verlander’s a beast and I can’t imagine how the Giants could possibly beat him, but still. Should be fun. Wanna get that wanna get that wanna get that.

Now, they’ve given us the freedom to choose how we want to give out these tickets, which is pretty ridiculous. My first thought of course went to my empty bank account and the possibilities there, but you guys have been such amazing fans all year and deserve the tickets, so we’re going to try to do something a little creative. Giants fans are known for being pretty original and WEIRD, so let’s see just what we can get.

Herein lies the promotion:

• Give us your best idea for the 2013 San Francisco Giants motto, such as “It’s Magic Inside,” “Together We’re Giant,” or the particularly interesting “Let’s Get Back. Together.” The funnier/more original the better.

• You must be able to go to the movie on Tuesday, November 20, at 6:30 pm at the Castro Theater in San Francisco.

• Send the entry in an email to Blog comments, tweets, Facebook posts, and snail mail letters left in my mailbox will not be considered.

• Send your entry by midnight on Saturday, November 17. (Sunday morning).

• As an alternative, you can send us alternative names for our podcast. We decided to run with TGaGaaCB until we thought of something else, but that was two years ago and we’ve been lazy. Help us out. Hopefully something that doesn’t sound like an adult film.

We will read the entries on our podcast this weekend and will hopefully be notifying the winners as soon as possible.

The real prize, after all, is that you get to hang out with your favorite podcaster. Thomas can’t make it, so it’s just going to be the Funny One.

We look forward to your submissions, and thank you to A+E Networks Home Entertainment/MLB Productions for the opportunity.