Free DVD Giveaway: Because of course you should have the Giants World Series DVD

Ways to watch the Giants World Series movie:

-Win our first contest, hang out with Daniel Zarchy. ick.

-Watch it December 2 on MLB Network. Who has deep cable? Not I!

-Win our second contest, where we are giving away three copies of the San Francisco Giants 2012 World Series DVD with the help of A+E Networks and MLB Productions

Daniel acquired three (theoretical) copies of the Blu-Ray and DVD version of the 2012 World Series Film. Here are links to what you can win:

The winners can choose Blu-Ray or DVD. Not HD-DVD though, they went the way of the 8-track.

Sounds nice, yes? Here’s how you win:

Send your favorite sports movie moment to It can be a scene, a quote, a character, or a screen capture with funny crap attached to it. Be creative. Make sure to explain why you are personally attached to this scene/quote/film and make sure it has EVERYTHING to do with sports. We don’t do politics around here. If we did, we would isolate the middle of the country and who would want to do that?

The contest runs from when your eyes read this until December 9th at midnight PT. Then Daniel and I will review the entires, argue a bit about Bull Durham vs. Major League, then select three winners. A+E/MLB will send the winners copies and you and your future progeny can all be reminded how slow Prince Fielder really was and that Buster Posey deserved all 11 of his MVPs.

Thanks guys, can’t wait to read your entries.