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The Men Who Weren’t Buster

On May 25, 2011, I left work just after 5 pm, like usual. I walked a few blocks to the gym, did my workout, showered, and came home. I got home just after 8, and ate my dinner while I turned on the night’s Giants game. I had DVRed the game, and started watching on delay. As usual, I skipped through commercials, doing my best to avoid Facebook, Twitter, and all other social media  that might tip off the final score.

At 11:20 pm, the game on my DVR was in the bottom of the ninth inning. Aubrey Huff lined a single to left-center, scoring Pat Burrell and Freddy Sanchez and tying the game. My phone rang. Thomas Todd, my friend and co-host, was watching the game live. He was almost in tears.

“Oh hey,” I said. “Can I call you back in a few minutes? The game’s almost over.”

“We have to talk,” he choked out. “Call me as soon as you finish.”

Ten minutes later I watched Scott Cousins throw his full weight into Buster Posey’s right shoulder, knocking Posey’s entire weight back onto his left knee and ankle, snapping his fibula and rupturing tendons in his ankle. Posey’s mask flew off from the impact as he bounced back onto his stomach, clawing at the dirt as he was swarmed by trainers.

I called Thomas.

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