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Buster Posey: Seven Reasons the Giants Superstar Should Never Catch Again

The San Francisco Giants were two separate teams last year. Before Buster Posey joined the team on May 29, they were 25-22, in third place in the NL West, and 2.5 games back of first place. 

With the offense struggling, Posey carried the team to a playoff berth and, eventually, a World Series win. With Posey, the Giants went 67-48, finishing the year 92-70.

Posey was more than a spark for the Giants offense; he helped maintain the quality of their biggest strength: pitching. The Giants pitching staff finished the year with a 3.36 ERA, the best in the majors.

The staff shut out opposing teams 17 times, led the majors in strikeouts, and held opposing batters to just a .236 batting average.

In 2011, tragedy struck. With Giants fans looking forward to a full year of their young, baby-faced savior, Posey was cut down in a collision at the plate when Marlins pinch hitter Scott Cousins crashed shoulder-first into Posey, knocking him back and out of the game.

Later, X-rays showed that Posey suffered a broken fibula and torn ligaments in his ankle, and that he would require season-ending surgery. Posey has announced his intention to return to the catcher position after he recovers.

However, with the talent and value that he has as a hitter and team leader, here are seven reasons why Buster Posey should never play catcher again. Continue reading

San Francisco Giants: The 5 Most Unlikely Wins of 2011

While the San Francisco Giants continue to wage a bitter war for the National League West division, it’s impossible to deny that they have been one of the most exciting teams in recent memory.

Their lack of reliable hitters and excellent starting pitching, along with the league-wide drop in offensive production, have led to a very, very low-scoring environment.

Through their first 72 games, the Giants have played a shocking 30 one-run games (with a 19-11 record), as well as 11 extra-inning games (with a 7-4 record).

Still, one of the most significant features of the Giants is their ability to come from behind, which has created some pretty interesting games. In this slideshow, I would like to show you the Giants’ five most unlikely wins (in no particular order).

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2011 San Francisco Giants: 5 Unexpectedly Good Performances by Giants Players

The 2010 San Francisco Giants won the World Series on the strength of their excellent home-grown starting pitching, lights-out bullpen and clutch (if not overwhelming) offense.

This year, as the champs do their best to stage a repeat, they’re going to have to step it up even further, facing the likes of the Phillies Big Four pitchers, the surging Diamondbacks and the always-dangerous Rockies.

Still, tell any Giants fan that Tim Lincecum or Matt Cain are having good years, and they’ll shrug and say “yeah, what else is new?” Mention that Brian Wilson has converted 20/22 saves this year, and hasn’t given up a run since May 18th, and they’ll yawn.

We’re truly spoiled this year, so I’d like to mention five players who managed to fly under the radar, but whose great play on the field has helped keep this team in first place.

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