The Men Who Weren’t Buster

On May 25, 2011, I left work just after 5 pm, like usual. I walked a few blocks to the gym, did my workout, showered, and came home. I got home just after 8, and ate my dinner while I turned on the night’s Giants game. I had DVRed the game, and started watching on . . . → Read More: The Men Who Weren’t Buster

I Didn’t Want Carlos Beltran Anyway

When talking about this year’s offseason, most of what the Giants did and didn’t do is fairly easy to defend, given the right mindset and enough cheap booze. Still, while most of the big-name free-agent sluggers ended up with contracts either of staggering length or shocking amounts of money, it’s hard to understand how . . . → Read More: I Didn’t Want Carlos Beltran Anyway

Dodging The Manny Bullet

$500,000 doesn’t buy you much in baseball. A few bats, a few balls, an Ishikawa or two. But that’s what 39-year-old former batting champ, present suspension server, and future Hall of Famer Manny Ramirez signed for with the Oakland A’s. Why did the A’s do this? Because when your $36 million mail-order bride asks . . . → Read More: Dodging The Manny Bullet